November 25, 2020

VMware vCloud in 8 steps to the cloud

The topic of smart home should be reflected in the upcoming iOS, Tim Cook called several scenarios and announced partnerships with manufacturers in the fields of security, lighting etc.

Other new features of IOS 8 include improved short message function to, for example, allow the sending of voice messages. Also interesting is the predictive text input for the Quick-Type keyboard. With family released it should eventually be possible to share purchases, photos and calendar within a household. Further improvements and new features related to the cloud service iCloud.

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Developers satisfied

IPhone, iWatch, iPads – in the run-up to Apple developers conference WWDC in San Francisco, was racing really the rumors about new hardware. But when the event was last night Central European Time to an end, there were many places long faces. Because new devices are not shown. Not one.

For this, the California electronics company presented in great detail the next version of OS X called Yosemite and the mobile operating system iOS. CEO Tim Cook described the latter as the most significant since the launch of the App Store. The focus was in particular the subject of Health, over which had also been much speculation in advance.

So the iPhone is to collect “HealthKit” in future health data and therefore the interface for such apps and accessories. Reaching for example, certain vital signs such as heart rate a critical value, automatically an emergency service may be contacted – so at least the vision.

Although many observers were disappointed at the lack of hardware innovations – completely satisfied the many developers showed on site, for which the event is indeed originally thought. This can write programs for Apple devices in a new programming language called Swift now. In addition, it should be possible to embed software in the future even more deeply in the operating system: This allows the app programmers can now, for example, use the fingerprint sensor Phone 5S to secure data.

The enthusiasm of the Entwicker – and the associated motivation to develop new apps – is particularly important for Californians. After all, a comprehensive app ecosystem for many customers is a key consideration when purchasing a tablet or smartphone.

The new iOS 8 will be available for users in the fall, a beta for developers already come shortly. but are compatible only iPhone models 4s, 5, 5c and 5s, the iPad is supported from the second generation of devices.

With VMware vCloud in 8 steps to the cloud

Cloud computing changes the administrative processes and structures. This is only possible with new toolsets. VMware has to revise the tool “vCloud Director.” What it does and how far the “journey to the cloud” that can be followed is on the article. 

Managing a cloud service has little in common with the traditional IT management. Those who would like to build a cloud and its future data center will operate as a private cloud, therefore is faced with new requirements. VMware wants to fulfill by a renewal of its toolsets.

This quarter, the majority of VMware Tools (see: VMware celebrating and the largest product launch in its history) brought in a new release on the market. All these changes are designed to drive the operation of IT to the concept of cloud computing. 

A key element here is the vCloud Director. At its most important new features of version 1.5 compared to the previous release 1.0 include the features “Fast Provisioning” by so-called linked clones and customizing the applications.

Accompanying this, the security settings that -products are grouped into the “vShield” revised were. And finally, the Microsoft SQL Server can be used as the backend database for storing the configuration information in the future. To date, only the Oracle database system was supported.