November 25, 2020

The private cloud as a model for public administration

Logistic processes have gained in e-commerce in recent years of attention and importance: How are the goods packed safely? As she comes quickly and easily to your customers? And how the shipping works abroad? On the Internet World trade show, numerous companies will present their services and offers for online trading, including fulfillment and software vendors.

The Iloxx AG (A 028), a subsidiary of DPD, intended for commercial senders to 500 packets per month as well as to individuals. As a unique feature called Iloxx personal support the dealers as well as individual and adapted to the shipping price list. In the Parcel DPD accepts mostly transportation while on individual shipments also drive competitors such as DHL or GLS. the area “professional package shipment” by the area XXL / cargo is completed. Here Iloxx works with over 30 partners who carry out the transports depending on the region or to be transported product. Iloxx acts as an intermediary, the transport is handled by the respective right partner.

The private cloud as a model for public administration

Kết quả hình ảnh cho The private cloud as a model for public administration

A cloud of hype in public administration does not exist. However, the cloud is of course also a very interesting model. After all, the advantages will be fast and are attractive. Virtually unlimited scalability options, easy to extend the functionality and the lack of administrative work speak for itself. 

Nevertheless, there are of course reasons for restraint. Above all questions regarding data protection and data management it is important to discuss. The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has published a guide to and deals extensively with the issue. In short: the public cloud services available do not meet these requirements so far.

But there is a second model of cloud-operation: the private cloud. Although there virtualized services are provided on the web – but they are only available for a specific group of users and the location of the server and data storage are precisely known. Private clouds are therefore also the model for public administration, due to issues such as privacy and data storage can be easily solved. 

First municipal service providers are therefore working on relevant projects or have even been completed. Even for a large administration, it may be quite interesting to build a private cloud itself. 

The logistics group Loxxess (D 169) operates in the Czech town of Bor a logistics base that is tailored to the needs of mail order and e-commerce. For the Danish fashion label Bonaparte Loxxess stored there, for example, about one million parts. Also for the mail order company Planet Sports will Loxxess logistics and fulfillment tasks. The company based in Unterföhring near Munich shows on the Internet World trade fair, are the services which dealers or brands in e-business support, for example by its own call and Customer Care Center or the customer service team. The services can be booked as a complete package or individually. At the booth, a draw will take place.

KNO logistics (E 233), a division of the media wholesaler Koch, Neff & Volckmar GmbH of Stuttgart, presented in 2014 for the first time at the Internet World trade show. KNO logistics works for online retailers and for manufacturers. The offer “Logsmall” includes the incoming goods and quality control, warehousing, picking, packing, shipping, and returns management. Expanded this product is “logfull” with call center services and order processing, accounts receivable management and complete online store solutions. Reference customers come from the fields of hand tools, consumer electronics, outdoor fashion, photo accessories and craft supplies.

Also the modular fulfillment services to Rhenus Fulfillment Solutions (D 192) is specifically geared to the needs of online trading. These include logistics services, online marketing, web design, payment and returns management and extensive contact center services. Especially for the Internet World trade show in 2014, the company has developed an “E-commerce Quick Check”, which can be requested at the stand.