November 25, 2020

Successful dialogue through relevance and automation

Marketing Automation promises campaigns that convince the right time with the right messages. But how necessary Relevance in large and heterogeneous customer groups can be achieved?

Customer Intelligence analyzes existing customer information in real time, providing good conditions for relevant content and campaign automation. It is worthwhile for marketers to take both areas determined to target and bring in a productive interplay. Cloud software provider Optivo shows of how to implement a successful customer dialogue through the interaction of relevance and automation.

Customer Intelligence means nothing other than to collect data, analyze and use. In conjunction with valuable customer intelligence expertise automated campaigns enable a highly individual dialogue. The success of the campaign depends here primarily on the quality and analysis of the information available. Customer Intelligence helps the marketers to get to know the customer to respond precisely to his wishes and expectations – and to the address corresponding rangy interpreted. For this purpose, openings, clicks, post-click and transactional information should be analyzed.

In addition, ideally data are analyzed from external sources such as CRM databases, online stores or web analytics tools. Such information should be available in real time and incorporated into individual interest profiles. With each new customer contact or activity data for marketing automation to be updated. So the latest profiles are always immediately available for effective one-to-one dialogue.

Penetrate scenarios conceptual

Since the marketers at the external sources today have access to vast amounts of data from social media, online stores, multi-channel tracking and Co., it goes to the start of the conceptual framework and the touch points for the automated campaigns. For example, the regular demolition of purchase transactions can be used in order to use offer information from the shopping cart by marketing automation. This is not about a one-shot campaign, but rather to penetrate such scenarios conceptually and align all relevant applications. Subsequently, the Marketer pours the respective contact scenario in a campaign diagram and to convert it into the running operation.

During the design phase, it is for marketers solely about developing campaign messages for relevant contact scenarios, events and audiences. Known from the mass mailing undifferentiated approach is here replaced by a tailor-made, time individually clocked email and cross-channel dialogue. The freed resources can invest in the planning of accompanying measures or monitoring the success of automated campaigns of marketers.

When CIOs want to modernize your IT through service automation, they are dependent not only on intuitive and easy to use solutions. Instead these solutions need to support specific business processes – no matter whether it is best practices such as ITIL or individual workflows, which are exactly tailored to the respective business – and this is not only limited to the ICT sector.


Even faster with Fast provisioning through provisioning Fast commissioning of the virtual machines is accelerated. To copy the images of virtual machines instead only pointers (linked clones) are generated on the original image and managed. 

Changes between the original and the copy (the clone) are summarized in delta files. The process is similar to the techniques of data deduplication for backup purposes.

And as with deduplication save Linked Clones space. VMware speaks of up to 60 percent savings. Fast provisioning is therefore another key element and for the operation of IT to the cloud models.