November 25, 2020

Reduce complexities in the (web) trading universe

Purchasing behavior is becoming digital, there should also offliners think about an introduction to e-commerce. But beware – the risk of getting bogged down is great.

“The customer is king” is also for the commercial world of today the supreme commandment. In the digital age, this also means to provide an extremely digitally connected customers. But the retail landscape in Germany is divided: have two-thirds of German retailers still do not have their own web shops, mobile-friendly shops or apps. Even those who already operate online trading, drive by no means unified digital strategy.

This was for example, published in INTERNET WORLD Business as the dealer at Munich’s Marienplatz. If the two-thirds of offliners So even still enter among German retailers in the face of competition from the camps of the major players? And how meaningful and sustainable develop their own shop make it with the complexity of today’s e-commerce market? Due to the saturation of the market will be well thought out, how to transport their own business model in the best possible online or supplemented by digital tools.

Demands are increasing

Major players driving the technological development is progressing steadily. Demands are increasing: We are witnessing an explosion of possible touch points, the dealers as possible equivalent, seamlessly and best also intended to cover across channels. Thus Omni-channel processes run smoothly, have commerce platform, CRM, ERP and content management system, work together own applications and touchpoints, service providers and many other elements harmoniously. Individual development and strategic alignment of the respective business models bring additional complexities into play – a one size fits all approach is increasingly useless.

However, since the purchasing behavior of customers today is digital influenced increasingly, also the current offliners should check the entry among traders. Even providers who are already on their way online, often have much potential for optimization. but no less high is the risk of getting bogged down due to the increased complexity of e-commerce with its online strategy. So what is worthwhile for whom? The Omni-channel commerce platform provider Intershop has to put together several tips.

Digitalization and the cloud go hand in hand

In a survey of Crisp Research and Nexinto came out that cloud and digitization united march. The expansion of data centers is becoming less popular. 

The study “Disruption in the Data Center” wanted Crisp Research and Nexinto find out if there is a connection between the cloud use and the degree of digitization and how the IT operations today looks in companies. 

The study results show that the trend toward cloud platforms and external data center services goes. Only a quarter of German companies is expanding its own data centers. 

Rent without Cloud

Today software may be advisable to rent for companies without cloud computing environment, as the costs are directly expensed in the balance sheet and do not have to be written off. However, this has often hardly expected, as the cost of rental licenses were so high most that purchase and maintenance were seen over four years economically. Some vendors promote its cloud offerings currently but with very attractive prices that the cloud starts to count as pure letting license form – even if the organization really wants to use no cloud service.